Bucket List

I dream too much and have too many things I want to do…this is my list and here’s hoping I can tick a few of these off! quite alot of these involve travel…


  1. Visit Oman and cruise through the fjords
  2. Take a cruise through the Bahamas, Panama Canal or Caribbean
  3. Swim with crocodiles in Darwin
  4. Go to Cuba, especially Varadero
  5. Take Peyton to a Disneyland & Legoland somewhere in the World
  6. Do an active adventure holiday in Costa Rica
  7. Create the perfect boho garden in my backyard
  8. Create the perfect playhouse for Peyton
  9. Volunteer with the pandas in Chengdu, China
  10. Create a successful business that allows me to work from home
  11. Create a beautiful coffee table book
  12. Take Peyton to a music festival
  13. Do the Whanganui River Kayak tour
  14. Get involved with a charity to teach Peyton about giving back
  15. Learn something new & creative like candle making or floristry